About Us

Unlocking Financial Literacy for African Immigrants

We help African immigrants understand money and how money works here in the US, and how they can leverage money to work for them. To succeed in the US it is important to unlearn what you know from Africa, learn about the US system here and keep relearning. Register for one of our FREE discovery sessions now!

About Persistence Key Financial Education

Charles Abbey came to the US in 2015 after lecturing at the University of Mines and Technology, in Tarkwa Ghana to do a Phd in Material Science and Engineering. After school he has worked with some of the fortune 500 Mining Companies in the World like Freeport McMoRan, Rio Tinto, Nevada Gold Mines and Kinross. All through this time he realized that there is an America for the informed and an America for the uninformed. Forst of all while a student Charles was worried about the outcome on his family if anything happened to him since he was the sole bread winner because his wife who was an accountant in Ghana could not work due to her visa status. This gave him sleepless nights since he knew that getting sick and facing some of the financial dream killers are a matter of when and not if.

After his Phd and working with some of the top companies, Charles thought he would get closer to achieving the American Dream but the more he worked and ascended the workforce ladder the more the American Dream was eluding him. He asked himself… What are the elite doing that is making them successful? He therefore devoted his time to seeking information on what the elites do and to implement the same. With all he learnt he decided to become a licensed financial professional so that he can share this information with the middle class so they can do better and be well informed.

Once thing that has always characterized Charles is his belief that persistence is key to achieving one’s goals no matter the obstacles and hence started Persistence Key Financial Education Services in 2021.

Our Mission And Vision

To provide comprehensive financial education to 30,000 African immigrant families by the year 2030, equipping them with the tools and resources necessary to achieve financial independence and long-term prosperity, all at no cost.

To enhance the personal financial literacy of African immigrants and diasporan families residing in the United States, fostering a community empowered with the knowledge and skills to navigate and thrive in the complex financial landscape.