Supporting Those in Need

We believe in philanthropy and are devoted to many activities to help the less fortunate. We have been supporting Food for the Poor since 2016 and have an orphanage in Teshie in the Greater Accra Region of Ghana that we support since 2022. If you can support these charities, please reach out and support them. Thank you

We have been supporting Food for the Poor monthly since 2016

We have been supporting the Food for the Poor, St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital and the Teshie Children’s Orphanage in Ghana, West Africa since 2022. We do not collect donations for them but you can click on the links and be sent to their page where you can donate directly to them. For the Teshie Childrens Orphanage they are not set up to receive online donations but if you reach out we can connect you to the person in charge to donate. At Persistence Key Financial Education, we believe that we can lend a helping hand to our less fortunate members of society. Please consider supporting these courses. 

Food for the Poor Angels of Hope

You can share God’s love with a precious child in the Caribbean and Latin America by providing a life-changing opportunity to rise above the effects of extreme poverty, abuse, trauma or abandonment.  Your support will allow these vulnerable children to heal, thrive and grow in a stable and loving group home environment.

For just $34 per month, you will be able to pay for one child’s:

  • Basic needs such as food, personal care items, cleaning supplies, and much more
  • Small home repairs
  • Birthday, Christmas and other special event celebrations

For your monthly sacrificial gift you will receive:

  • Welcome Packet – contains a photo, brief biography of your child, and program information
  • Letters from your child twice per year
  • Opportunity to write to your child.  They can’t wait to receive your letters.
  • Updated photo of your child each year

Teshie Children's Orphanage

The Teshie children’s orphanage has been caring for orphans in the Teshie area of the Greater Accra Region of Ghana for some time now and they need our help. Please donate if it touches your heart to do so.

In 2022, my family and I visited Ghana for the first time in 7 years and it was a great experience for our three kids to meet their extended family. During our trip to Ghana we joined a very good childhood friend Nick Logosu who went to the Teshie orphanage to visit and donate to the orphans and it turns out that Nick has been doing this every year on his birthday instead of throwing a birthday party for himself!

My family and I fell in love with the kids at the orphanage and decided to donate monthly to them to help with their upkeep.

It was very exciting to see my kids interact with the other kids and how compassionate they were towards them. I am a Dad who wants to raise value creation kids and so I feel this is a great lesson to teach my kids to be able to push themselves in life so that they can help the less fortunate in our society.

Please consider donating to this orphanage or any other course of your choosing. NB: For now we are working on finding a way so you can directly donate to the orphanage so please stay tuned…

St. Jude Children's Research Hospital

Thanks to our supporters, we can give kids with cancer the chance they deserve.

Join our St. Jude family and support our mission by creating a fundraiser, becoming a monthly donor, sending an online card to our patients and more.